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Our team of legal expert will assure an excellent matchmaking process by screening and informing clients about legal procedures.

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Our online payment system allows you to receive payment in time by using custom reminder and transparent invoicing. Focus on practicing law instead of administrative logistics.

What client use Case & Suit?


Individual who have legal need/issue regarding their property such as leasing contract, title search or litigation (hidden defect, breach of contract, insurance claim).


Both apartment owner and property manager who needs helps with contract, tenant issue or litigation (homeowner association dispute, insurance claim, eviction).

Real Estate investor

Whether it's an individual buying his first real estate deal or a seasoned investor, they usually need legal service such as LLC formation, partnership agreement, contract formation or litigation.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s free to join Case & Suit. By joining, you get in front of potential clients all over the world that manage their legal need online.

We charge a small processing fee (3.5%) such as with credit card for every transaction to lawyers. We also add a small fee on top of lawyer’s bill covering critical client benefits such as quality, platform tools, and maintenance.

The total invoice still represents no additional costs over what a client would pay an attorney if acquired outside of Case & Suit because of their exclusive discounted rate.

The American Bar Association (ABA) as well as many State and Local Bar associations have issued opinions in favor of client credit card payments and permissibility of processing fees.

We encourage you to peruse the ABA decision regarding this here:

By filling the 2 minutes application form, your profile will be reviewed for approval. The usual approval time is around 24hrs.

We want to make sure you get paid for the work you do on Case & Suit. This is why we’re verifying every client’s payment method before you start working on a project.

On top of that, if any dispute arise with a client we’re providing a mediation service to remedy any situation covering every invoice of $2000 or less. For more info visit our Term of Service

Once a client’s payment method has been approved, you’ll get notified by email that your project has been funded. It means you can now start working on the project securely.

When a project is completed, you’ll be able to send an invoice to your client for approval. Once the invoice is approved, the money will be automatically transferred to your selected payment account.

Once an invoice is sent to the client, he has 7 days to approve it before we automatically debit their account. Once the invoice is approved, you'll receive a deposit within 3-5 business days after the payment has been remitted.

Case & Suit make sure that every project gets funded before you start working on the platform hence making sure you’re going to be paid. That said, you still can ask for an up-front payment by clearly indicating it in your proposal.

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